Friday, February 13, 2009

Coconut Oil - Are there downsides to it??

I say no and here is why:

1) Coconut oil is made up of medium chained fatty acids. These MFCAs are very potent and they are known for their ability to kill off harmful parasites, bacteria and even viruses. Are MFCAs bad for you? If they are than mother's milk is not good for you and we know that is not true. Both mother's milk and coconut oil contain this type of fatty acid.

2) Coconut oil is not toxic to the human body. It is an edible fatty acid and these are typically the least likely to be toxic to us and our pets.

3) Coconut oil is like any other food. If you are someone who happens to be allergic to it, you shouldn't eat it. However, coconut oil is not on the list of foods people are often allergic to like nuts, wheat, eggs, dairy, etc.

4) Coconut oil does have one interesting side effect -- good or bad. If you eat a lot of it you may find that it loosens your bowels. This could be a great side effect if you have trouble regularly emptying your bowels. However, if you eat coconut oil with other foods and liquids, you will not experience that much of this positive side effect!

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