Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coconut Oil and Chemo

Recently I have started with my first dose of chemotherapy to fight the multiple sclerosis in my body. I am not so excited about the toxicity of the chemo but I am excited about the potential impact of the chemo on my MS.

One of the drawbacks of chemo is how it can dramatically lower your white blood cell counts and make you susceptible to colds, flu, etc. One benefit of coconut oil that I'd forgotten is that coconut oil boosts your immune system thereby minimizing sickness, cold and flu.

This really is refreshing and exciting news to chemotherapy patients. If they just all knew that taking regular doses of coconut oil would actually help them in the critical health time period between their chemo doses -- this would alleviate a lot of concern and worry.

It is really a challenge to stay out of stores, stay away from public places and keep away from sick people and still conduct your life. It is a real treasure to be able to take something like coconut oil as an extra layer of protection for this delicate health situation.

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