Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coconut Oil and Dogs!

My Shih Tzu continues to have problems with his skin. He scratches and licks so much that he has bare patches where he has pulled all of the fur out. It is awful. I have known for a few years how great coconut oil is for people but I really want to do something else for my dog. I have finally got his hair (it is really hair and not fur) where it is soft but he is still itching. That tells me it is not a topical problem.

So, of course, I am turning to coconut oil in an attempt to give him some relief. What I found was that I am not the first to experiment with coconut oil and dogs. Countless people have tried this with their pooches and found relief from a number of canine problems. My one challenge was to put it on my dog's food and make sure he was eating up as he often eats a few bites and walks away. The nice side effect of feeding my dog coconut oil on his food is that it is very fragrant and my dog eats it up.

Thank goodness for coconut oil!

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