Friday, September 19, 2008

Coconut Oil -- A cure for stress and your bones!

Coconut oil is such an important health elixir for everything. It is the most natural and curative product on earth. Here is how it can help your bones and the common side effects of stress.

One of the challenges we have with our bones and as we age is the all-important absorption of minerals. If our bones do not absorb the appropriate levels of calcium and magnesium, they won't develop correctly and will become brittle and thus, break easier. This is a huge problem for women as they get older. Lack of mineral absorption causes osteoporosis. A simple thing like taking a few tablespoons of coconut oil can help tremendously with this -- and coconut oil is a lot cheaper (and more natural) than costly medical-related treatments.

Stress is also a huge problem for people today. Stress causes so many diseases yet we can not avoid it in our every day lives. One way to naturally alleviate stress and halt its side effects is to topically apply coconut oil. If you simply massage a little coconut oil into the top of your head, in a massage-like motion:

- it will soothe you gently from the scent and the massaging motion
- the gentle massage will relax you and take the focus away from the stress
- you'll minimize mental fatigue which only encourages stress
- you'll be doing something that helps you focus on you

It sounds flighty but it really works to reduce stress.

Start making a committment to integrate a little coconut oil into your life everyday. What do you have to lose???

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slim Shots and Coconut Oil

Have you heard about Slim Shots to help you lose weight? I read an interesting article identifying that Slim Shots are nothing more than oil designed to help you get a handle on your hunger.

Slim Shots are single serving units containing a combination of palm oil with small amounts of flavoring and sweetener that kicks into gear the appetite control that we all carry with us naturally. The ileal brake lets your body know that it is no longer hungry, keeps it feeling satisfied for longer and therefore stops our cravings for more food.

The interesting thing about it is the primary ingredient - palm oil. Since it is so effective as claimed on the Slim Shot website at $40 for a 1 month supply, why wouldn't you just take 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil 1 or more times a day. Extra virgin coconut oil will run you about $6-$7 for about 16 ounces (32 tablespoons). This is the pure version with no added ingredients for a lot less, not to mention the much-more-healthy beneficial coconut oil.

I am just amazed that you can put a marketing spin on anything and it is the latest, greatest thing. You have to love the comercialism!

Try coconut oil -- it is cheaper and the medium chain fatty acids will do wonders for your weight, your health, your skin, etc.!

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