Thursday, June 05, 2008

Want to know why you should eat coconut oil every day????

Here's a listing of reasons for a daily dose of coconut oil:

- it helps your body find its set body weight by normalizing your bodily systems
- you'll lose fat and get a needed boost to a slow metabolism
- it neutralizes and often kills bacteria, infections and viruses in the body
- it beautifies the skin boosting moisture and glow
- it helps minimize candida
- it boosts the immune system
- it neutralizes cholesterol levels -- raising or lowering as necessary
- it promotes healthy heart-related processes
- it improves the thyroid function

You can say coconut oil is going to repair and boost skin, hair and internal functions. There are very few things that do so much for less than $10 per jar.

Go get some coconut oil -- what do you have to lose!!

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