Monday, May 05, 2008

Problems tolerating Coconut Oil?

I just read some great material talking about tolerating Coconut Oil. Some people have found that they don't tolerate it well and experience heart palpitations or maybe have some problems digesting coconut oil. I also read that sometimes this stems from having substantial toxic build up in the body (which causes all sorts of problems). For coconut oil to work effectively, you have to maximize absorption.

It is kind of similar to washing dishes in dirty water but expecting them to come out clean. You have to clean your body first for something as healing as coconut oil to work well. One way to clean out the toxins is to take 1/2 lemon + 1 T. sea salt + 8 oz of water daily. This will help to regularly rid the toxins so your body can absorb and utilize the coconut oil better.

I also just read a great idea: mix your coconut oil in with yogurt and berries and eat it for breakfast every morning. I don't like the slimy taste and feel of coconut oil so this is great for mr!

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