Monday, February 04, 2008

Why Coconut Oil is a Different Kind of Fat

I don't think I fully understood how coconut oil works -- okay, it seemed like a fairy tale that this could really be a good fat and help me lose weight. Here's the scoop:

Many oils that we eat (most, in fact) are quickly stored in the body as fat (making weight loss more difficult). They are composed of Long Chain Triglycerides. There has been research done from a couple of sources to indicate that coconut oil acts different in the body. It is composed of Medium Chain Triglycerides which make it significantly different -- which greatly impacts weight loss. Here is how coconut oil is different:

- it revs up metabolism
- it makes you feel fuller, longer
- it is easily digested (which is great for people who have trouble digesting fat)
- it has a bonus of lauric acid and caprylic acid which has some wonderful health benefits (antiviral and antifungal properties plus support immune function)

Coconut oil is really a wonderful weight loss tool as well as a healthy way to incorporate good fat into your diet.

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