Monday, October 22, 2007

Coconut Oil and Melting the Fat!!

My dear friend is a coconut oil enthusiast. However, her source of good quality coconut oil went away so she was at a loss for a few months. My friend also battles her weight constantly wanting what all of us want -- to lose a few extra pounds.

The other day my friend shared her excitement over finding a new source of coconut oil and getting back to 1 tablespoon of the fabulous fluid every day. Well, she has been doing this for a month without changing her diet at all. She was thrilled to report that her clothes were noticeably looser despite the fact that there has been:

- no additional exercise
- no curbing of food-related activity
- no slowing of eating in any way

Coconut oil appears to be melting the fat away without any additional input from my friend. What more could you ask for in a fabulous weight loss product?!!

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