Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coconut oil for injuries, infections and stretch marks!!!

Coconut oil actually speeds the healing of injuries and infections. Coconut oil will usually accomplish this without the awful scarring that often comes with cuts and abrasions. Coconut oil promotes quick healing so it is no wonder that is a perfect solution for stretch marks (particularly before they occur as with pregnancy)! Everything seems to heal faster and better when coconut oil is either:

- applied topically
- taken internally

Daily use is your best bet to thwart of infections and scarring. If you are going to use coconut oil topically, try warming it up so it is very warm to the touch. This is important as warmer coconut oil is absorbed better and penetrates the injured area deeper. You'll get the best benefit if the coconut oil is allowed to work at its fullest potential. Make sure that you apply the coconut oil constantly while your wound is healing. You may have to use a waterproof bandage to prevent the coconut oil from drying out (if the coconut oil gets dried out on the would the healing benefits are greatly weakened).

Happy healing!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coconut Oil and Viruses

Have you ever thought of taking coconut oil to help protect your body from viruses or to help get rid of a virus once you have one in your body???

Coconut oil in its abundant list of positive things it does, can also add curing viruses to the list. Coconut oil is naturally full of lauric acid. As it turns out, lauric acid has several properties that make it valuable in fighting all sorts of viruses and bacteria. Because coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal in addition to being antiviral, you really can't go wrong taking it everyday. It also boosts the bodies immune system.

This is very important as you look at our recent history with antibiotics. The medical profession turns to antibiotics so often that we are quickly adapting to various strains. We are having to find different and more powerful antibiotics all of the time. Soon, we will be where we were before we had antibiotics as we will force our hand on the effectiveness of this treatment.

Coconut oil is the solution to this problem. Plus, it is plentiful and very inexpensive. So the next time you are get sick, reach for coconut oi.

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