Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coconut Oil and Massage Benefits

Have you ever thought of using coconut oil as massage oil? Why not? Coconut oil has some wonderful healing properties that make it a great topical oil. Here are some ways coconut oil can benefit you in massage:

- it improves the look and feel of your skin
- helps sooth tired, soar muscles
- it won't stain clothes or sheets (provided you do not leave it dripping)
- it soaks right into the skin leaving it moisturized (you may want to mix it with almond oil for massage so that it spreads easy for a length of time)
- it leaves the skin smooth looking with a nice tone

So the next time you go for a massage, ask the therapist to use coconut oil. You will love the way your skin looks!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Coconut Oil and Cholesterol

There were studies done on hydrogenated coconut oil several years ago. As you can imagine hydrogenated coconut oil left the participants devoid of essential fatty acids and caused all kinds of health problems including heightening serum cholesterol. This research, of course, gave coconut oil a bad name. However, it was the hydrogenation that was creating the problems rather than the actual coconut oil in its natural form.

Coconut oil increases the HDL cholesterol (the good kind of cholesterol) and by doing so also prevents some of the problems that result in heart disease. Conversely, it is important to note that individuals with low cholesterol levels who were fed coconut oil had an opposite effect. Those with low cholesterol levels actually increased their LDL levels after the coconut oil -- all of which had a leveling out effect. Coconut oil acts as a neutralizer to get the body back in balance where it needs to be to function at optimum levels.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Coconut Oil and Acne

If you apply coconut oil to your skin you will experience amazing things.

Coconut oil:
- protects skin from the sun's harmful rays (Pacific Islanders have experienced this for years)
- keeps skin smooth and healthy
- strengthens skin tissue when used daily
- encourages efficient and fast skin healing
- fight germs that cause irritation and infection

Coconut oil acts like our skin's natural state protecting us from harmful foreign bodies. Using coconut oil is a wonderful way to protect and moisturize your body. Coconut oil is an all natural way to protect our bodies inside and out.

Why aren't you using it in every way that you can?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Coconut Oil and Skin Tags...Again

Since I last wrote about putting coconut oil on my an awful skin tag located on my neck, I have an update. I believe that coconut oil cures everything (much like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding believed Windex cured everything!) so I have been dabbing coconut oil on this skin tag.

I was shocked. Two days ago, I felt for the skin tag and it came off! It was black and crusty but it just fell off in my hands. I looked at the remaining spot which was a little red. Of course, I put a little coconut oil on the red spot and it healed within a few hours.

Okay, so now I am thinking (since coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory) I need to rub coconut oil on the shots I take for my MS (see I wonder if this will heal and soothe the injection site better. I often get big red, irritated patches where I have given myself the shot. These red patches are sometimes painful. Hmmm...

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