Monday, August 28, 2006

Coconut Oil - a daily struggle

Quite regularly I read great material about coconut oil. I am in awe of what a fabulous all natural product coconut oil is and how it serves so many health benefits. My challenge is that I have multiple sclerosis -- see This is an inflammatory disease. Saturated fats (like that in coconut oil) further inflame inflammatory diseases. Therein lies my struggle. I know how good coconut oil is for you but I am scared to take it consistently because of my MS.

However, I have just come to a conclusion about coconut oil and how I can incorporate it into my diet. I eat saturated fat all of the time in chocolate, cheese and junk food. Yet I don't view this consumption the same way I view saturated fat in coconut oil. Strange because these foods are nothing but bad for me and coconut oil is very healthy and could help me out with other conditions.

What if I minimized the saturated fat I get from other sources and take 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil everyday? I would be helping my body while getting less and less of the junk food which does nothing for me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Coconut Oil and A Health Tonic

Many of the heath conditions prevalent in America today are actually caused by other underlying problems. Conditions like chronic fatigue syndrom and PMS could be considered some of the top-level things we experience. Coconut oil can often be a solution in helping us eliminate these common problems.

Coconut oil works by attacking the root cause of a problem and thereby eliminating the pesky ancillary problems that result. As unlikely as it my seem, coconut oil has a way of neutralizing or normalizing our bodies. For example, if you have an under-active thyroid gland, coconut oil will help to boost your metabolism and level out thryroid function. Conversely, if you have an over-active thyroid gland, coconut oil will have the opposite effect -- lowering your metabolism and slowing down thyroid activity.

Coconut oil is a pretty inexpensive health tonic when you think about all of its positive effects on your body. What is the harm in boosting your coconut oil consumption?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Coconut Oil and Cancer

My dad has stage four lung cancer and I wonder if coconut oil can help I investigated. We know that coconut oil is good to use topically to clear up skin conditions and moles, but how does it really work inside the body with something as deadly as cancer?

It seems that coconut oil is particularly effective with colon, breast and skin cancer. But I think if it helps with some cancers, there ought to be a benefit to all cancerous conditions (i.e. coconut oil can't hurt, right)? When cancers were tested against various fats (to see if they had any impact on the cancer) there was a significant difference in the way the fats reacted.

Interestingly enough, coconut oil had the most favorable reaction to all of the oils in one particular test. It actually inhibited the growth of cancer. It has to do with the anti-cancer effect of the Medium Chain Fatty Acids. MCFAs protect the body inside and out from harmful, foreign matter in our body.

I think that I am going to boost my dad's intact of coconut oil!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Coconut oil and cellular efficiency!

Did you know that coconut oil helps you efficiently nourish your body while placing little stress on the various bodily enzyme and hormone systems? Coconut oil is so efficiently processed by your body, that your cells get what they need regardless of what kinds of disease lurk in your body. If your cells are healthy, you are healthy. Coconut oil keeps your cells healthy by repairing any damage and maintaining good health one cell at a time.

The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil give cells an energy boost which boosts metabolism which in turn helps eliminage toxins quicker. Your cells are able to perform better which improves overall health.

Coconut oil truly is food and fuel for a healthy body.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Coconut Oil...the weight loss dynamo!

I found out something really interesting about coconut oil and weight loss. I knew coconut oil helped to facilitate weight loss and that the medium chain fatty acids were utilized as energy rather than fat. But what I truly did not know is how your metabolism is affected when you eat coconut oil.

There is research that shows after you eat coconut oil even just one time, your metabolism operates at an elevated rate for 24 hours afterward. So when you eat coconut oil, you are fueling a fat-burning machine long after the meal is consumed. Yeah!

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